Materialize Sweden is a concept to promote more usefulness from research and innovation. The overall vision is to create more exchange between academia and industry. In order to focus given by the background experience, the main field of activity is research – startups – SME in advanced materials, nanotechnology, energy and environment. Main importance is to support the persons, so we have also been involved in digitalization, healthcare, artificial intelligence.

Basically, people supporting each other. Now startups and SMEs suffer due to corona. In order to survive there is need of other ideas and suggestion of activities. This may be promoted by exchange between people who have experience and can propose ideas from their different background.

This is an initiative by Mikael Syväjärvi (new materials and growth processes researcher, innovator, entrepreneurial and startup experience, regional and national innovation growth experience, European Smart Specialisation). Now he supports other in his network and new contacts by acting as sounding board. He has also a lot of experience with writing applications, and provides feedback on such.


Materials research in advanced materials since 1995. Growth methods and processes. Silicon carbide and graphene. More than 200 publications. Organizer and co-organizer of 20+ conferences and symposiums, several at E-MRS (European Materials Research Society).

Experience from startups and technology transfer. Co-founder Graphensic AB (founded 2011, one of Europes first startups with business 100% on graphene), Founder ALMINICA AB (founded 2016, innovation capacity), international technology transfer (China, Japan).

Active with regional research and innovation strategies for smart Specialisation since 2013 (advanced materials). The initial work led to
the creation of the cluster Innovative Materials Arena. Board member Swedish national strategic innovation programme graphene (SIO Graphene) 2014-2018. Member working group National Technology Platform Graphene (Nationell Påverkansplattform Grafen) 2015-2016.

Evaluator, expert, advisory board member in various projects and organisations. Advanced materials, nanotechnology, key enabling technologies. Impact from research and innovation, industrialization (startups, SMEs). And some other things.